Unless you wear the same model shirt from the same company for your entire wardrobe, you probably have accumulated an unwanted collection of collar stays of varying sizes and quality — some of them lone orphans and for some reason you hold out hope that you’ll find the accompanying one in the…

Great review, Kiyoshi.

For those wondering about collar stays, and whether or not they fit in your style, I want to weigh in on how I use them. I have a merged style that goes from law professor to board room. I have found that if I am wearing black shoes, then I am wearing a suit, and then I wear stays. The clean lines and simple fabrics used in suits lend themselves to a precise and pressed shirt, and your collar is a large part of that. In other instances, like when I am wearing brogues and a sport coat, I go with a soft collar and skip the stays. 

I have a set of brass stays that I received as a gift a while ago, though any plastic stays will work just as well. I do not see a pressing need in the market for the product Kiyoshi mentioned, as it only saves you, maybe an inch or so of bathroom storage space. If you lose one, you are left with only 2/3rds of your original investment. I am also wary of anything with magnets, or adhesive “solutions.”