Our friend PG pretty much nails it here. Perfect travel wardrobe.


* What I packed for a 2 week business trip. Again, uncovered from my archives by another new follower. (Oct 2010)

Packed to be suited for 14 days..

Covering the following climates, Singapore averaging 30c + 100%, Beijing averaging 5c-10c, Hong Kong averaging 15c then back to Sydney.

I will be expected in suits most days.

Packing includes:

  • 5 x white English-Italian spread collar shirts
  • 3 x random patterned button down shirts
  • 1 x navy S120 wool suit
  • 1 x grey + light blue window pane S120 wool suit
  • 1 x navy tropical weight wool/silk suit
  • 1 x grey tropical weight wool/silk pantaloons
  • 1 x navy cotton chino
  • 1 x khaki cotton chino
  • 1 x RAW denim jean
  • 3 x silk ties (predominant in navy)
  • 2 x knit ties (orange & blue)
  • socks & underwear
  • 1 x black leather punch cap toed oxford shoe
  • 1 x brown leather punch cap toed oxford shoe
  • 1 x brown belt
  • 1 x black belt
  • 1 x navy cashmere v/neck sweater
  • 1 x mid-grey cashmere v/neck sweater
  • 1 x chocolate herringbone weave cashmere top-coat
  • 1 x pair of wool gloves
  • toiletries
  • “Baby Boston” Porter x Monocle bag in case of.. 

All in a 30” hard case Globe-Trotter - see you all in 12 hours.

I would have liked to have seen his actual packing, because that is a lot to fit in a suitcase, and by how thorough he is, I doubt that is was done sloppily. Well played.