This guy was super excited to get his first cycling jersey. Thanks to @wtfkits for the kind gift. Now to find a kid sized road bike…

#tbt to less than a week ago. I miss NYC.

Movie in Bryant Park.

Next level peanut butter cookie. Same owners as French Laundry.

Dominique Ansel Bakery is a must in NY. Supposedly no. 4 in the world and the only one in the top 10 in the U.S. They are no. 1 in my book.

Brooklyn was a good time.

These feet have been walking for four days straight. It has been a blast.

NYC church in the AM. NYC church in the AM.

NYC church in the AM.

True love is being Law & Order geeks together and loving it and each other the whole time. I was Jack and Stacie was Rubirosa and it was awesome. #bumbum

The warm up for Grimaldi’s was Waffles and Dinges (pronounced Dingus). I went with speculoos and speculoos ice cream with whipped cream. I cried when it was over. I am walking 137 miles a day and still gaining weight.

Sinatra’s favorite pizza place, Grimaldi’s.

My sugar in front of a bunch of sweets at LaDurrée.

Carson Street Clothiers was a great stop to say hey to @c_benjamin. SoHo is a winner.

@jackswifefreda was an awesome brunch spot. The green sauce was a major hit, and agua de sandía made me think of San Diego. 👍

Shake shack’s concrete was so good, fries too. Burger wasn’t better than In-N-Out, though.