@jpows new national champ kit is best ever. #repost from @james__fairbank —- Happy Powers

So glad I never bit on the Essentials Case, because no iPhone 6 or 6plus is fitting inside of that thing.

The @teamsky recruits for 2022 and 2025.

The @rodeo_labs trail nuggets are great. At about the same size as a Bonk Breaker bite (2”x2”), they hit the bullseye in size and flavor and texture. I got mine at @thefeedme So far I have only tried the Just Beet It flavor, but I am looking forward to the Lemon Hot Date and Peanut Coco Apocalypse. @velo_steef great job on these.

Labor day labor. #wwytm

Rapha climber's shoe, whiteSimon Mottram in Rapha's climber's shoe, black

I know how awesome Rapha’s new CX shoe is, but I don’t have a CX bike and am not sure if I will ever have a need for them (unless I get a mountain bike, I guess). But the new Climbing Shoes are so great, and I may bite.

The top photo is taken from Logan VonBokel’s piece for VeloNews. He said that the white shoes would have a silver strap, and the black ones would have a high-viz pink strap. 

The white shoes above were my reblog of a nycyclists​ post from January, and they show a black strap. I think they look great, but maybe they were too close to what the GT shoes look like so they swapped them out for silver straps.

The black shoes are shown as worn by Simon Mottram himself at the Tour Down Under and as seen on manualforspeed. They show a black shoe with a silver strap (and a high-viz pink sole!). That was back in January too. This combo (black/silver/pink) looks awesome, but is the only iteration that uses three colors, which may be too busy for Rapha’s taste. A photo recently popped up on Chris Distefano’s instagram account that shows Mr.Mottram changing a flat in black shoes with a pink strap. For some reason, Tumblr is not letting me show that image, so just click through.

What do you think? Of the three colorways, which would you be most likely to buy?

Howes first and Reijnen second. @manualforspeed mojo is in full effect. #supportourdudes

The other trigger for a @thefeedme purchase was finding the water bottle that says @stacie6 more than anything else. She cries when she thinks of NY. #boogiedownbrox

Always thought @thefeedme was a good idea, but hadn’t tried it until I saw they had @rodeo_labs trail nuggets. Hoping they make me fast enough to #makethemhurt

Big boys trip to @rosevillecyclery ‘s first birthday for bottom bracket service from Eddie and to check out the @skratchlabs offering.

#fbf to the highline, steps from @raphacycleclub NYC with #TDF coverage and ice cold SanPelgrino limonata.

#tbt thanks to @johnprolly ‘s trip to Kauai I am missing this a ton.

Seven months post op, and finally the brace comes off! #sharptanlines (at la casa de los Rogers)

This strawberry coconut scone made me see the future. In the future, I eat more of these.